Siriaunda School (St. Andrew’s Anglican) offers education to children from the ages of 2 – 6.

  • Pre-Kindergarten: 2- 3 years old
  • Kindergarten 1: 3-4 years old
  • Kindergarten 2: 4-5 years old
  • Kindergarten 3: 5-6 years old

OFFICE Hours: 8.00 am5.00 pm

SCHOOL Hours: 8.00 am4.30 pm

We are ready to receive children from 8am each day, starting with a temperature and health check-up.

Morning assembly starts at 8:30am sharp. Parents/guardians are advised to bring students earlier than 8:30am for preparation.

Children are ready for pick-up during dismissal at 3pm after our school programme has ended.