Welcome to Siriaunda School


We are absolutely thrilled to have you visit our website and explore the world of opportunities we have to offer your precious little ones. At Siriaunda, we believe that each child is a unique masterpiece, created in God’s image, and we are dedicated to helping them ‘grow and glow’ in every aspect of their being.


As a 10 years old education institute in the heart of Chiang Mai, we are excited for your child to join us on this journey of nurturing young minds and hearts. While we may still be new to the region, our roots run deep as part of the esteemed Anglican Church in Thailand and the Diocese of Singapore, a testament to our commitment to providing quality education.


Our vision is to create a well-rounded educational haven, firmly rooted in Christian principles, where children can flourish and thrive, equipping them to succeed in today’s diverse and dynamic society.


The heart of our mission is to foster an optimal educational environment that nurtures holistic development and instills Christian values in our students. We want our children to not only excel academically but also to grow spiritually and morally, becoming wise and compassionate members of society.


In this endeavor, we cherish the partnership with parents and caregivers as we believe that working hand in hand is the key to unlocking each child’s full potential. At Siriaunda, we strive to establish a culture of mutual respect and trust, where our children, families, and staff form a loving community. Together, let’s help your little ones grow and glow, ready to make a positive impact on the world.