Siriaunda School (St. Andrew’s Anglican Centre) is an education institute in Chiang Mai that seeks to help children ‘grow and glow’. We believe that each child is created in God’s image. It is our desire to help unleash, nurture and develop each child’s unique, God-given potential through quality education. We love, respect and encourage each child who is entrusted to our care, according to the spiritual and moral principles from the Bible.

Our History

Although we are a new education centre in Chiang Mai, we have a history in Thailand and South East Asia being part of the Anglican Church in Thailand and of the Diocese of Singapore.

Our Vision

To be a well rounded, high quality educational institute based on Christian principles that helps children to grow and glow in order to become successful in today’s diverse and dynamic society.

Our Mission

To provide an optimal educational environment and learning experience that nurture children’s holistic development and Christian values so they can live wisely in today’s society.

Partnership with Our Caregivers

To help children fulYll their given potential, we believe that it is important for us to work in partnership with parents and caregivers. We desire to establish a culture within our school where our children, families and staff relate to each other in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Desired Outcomes

By the completion of our course, our children will become enthusiastic lifelong self-learners who will S.H.I.N.E:

  • With SELF-CONFIDENCE in their abilities and will value themselves;
  • With HONOUR for selves and others as they appreciate and respect others’ views, opinions and rights;
  • With INTEGRITY as people with high moral and ethical standards in life;
  • As NATURE-LOVERS with a love and concern for the environment;
  • As being EDUCATED with a love and desire to continue learning for life.