Each of our teaching programmes and activities have been carefully selected and speciJcally adapted for Thailand.

The majority of our programmes and activities have been derived from the award winning St. James’ Church Kindergarten, Singapore, whose curriculum gleans materials from a range of reputable educational programmes from around the world including:

  • Key to Learning, Russia and UK
  • Creative and Critical Thinking, Israel
  • Physical Development, Singapore
  • English Language and Literacy, SJCK Singapore
  • YOU CAN DO IT! (Socio-Emotional Development), Australia

Our programmes and activities are designed to help children with:

Physical Development as children are given opportunities to develop their gross and Jne motor skills through interesting and creative activities both indoors and outdoors.

Social Skills Development as children are guided and instructed in the acquisition of desirable social skills. They are given opportunities to role-play and discuss situations in learning acceptable behaviour.

Academic Development as we lay foundations for the learning of language and literacy, mathematics, science and discovery, dramatic play, construction and visual-spatial using blocks, and art.

Special Activities

Throughout the year, we also have special activities including Jeld trips, cultural shows and special events to teach about ASEAN. These provide opportunities for children to visit places that will result in meaningful learning experiences.