The Pre-Kindergarten programme has creative play, sensorial experiential learning and multiple intelligences of children as its underlying philosophical basis.

Thematic activities and learning materials from Key to Learning foster the different developmental areas of the children.

St. James’ Church Kindergarten is the Rrst preschool in Asia to use Key to Learning and St. Andrew’s Anglican School is the Rrst preschool in Thailand to use this programme.


Our English programme aims to develop children’s literacy skills and competence in the language.

At this stage, we help children with alphabetical letter recognition using a fun and interactive way.


Our Mandarin programme aims to expose our children to conversational Mandarin using nursery rhymes, songs and games in a fun and interactive way

Music & Movement

While elements of music and movement are interwoven into the teaching of English, Chinese and Mathematics, there is a separate time set aside for the exploration of music and movement.

Our Music and Movement programme uses a kinaesthetic approach that helps children internalise the music process and builds their creative expression. Through fun and creative music and movement activities, children will be engaged and immersed in meaningful English Language experiences.

Art and craft, construction, cookery, dramatic play, music and movement, outdoor activities, physical development, sand and water play, and story-telling sessions are all features of the K1 programme.

Key to Learning is an early childhood curriculum based on the educational and developmental theories of Vygotsky. Children will pick up language and social skills through an integrated process of learning through creative play.

Key to Learning modules covered at the Pre-Kindergarten levels:

  • Artographics
  • Expressive Movement