Our desire is to see each child develop a love for learning as they grow and glow in their ability to become independent learners and self-thinkers.

Our curriculum, primarily derived from St. James’ Kindergarten, Singapore, also incorporates the most current and advanced practices in early childhood education from around the globe.

These practices have been adapted to form the 6 fundamental developmental blocks of our curriculum called S.P.I.C.E.S.


Spiritual: Character Building and Moral Development

Children are guided and instructed to develop a strong, healthy value system, with independent thought and personality.


Physical: Bodily-Kinaesthetic development

Children are given opportunities to develop their gross and Sne motor skills through interesting and creative activities, both indoors and outdoors.


Intellectual: Verbal-Linguistic and Logical-Mathematical Development

Children are given opportunities to learn and play in English. This not only enables them to be able to read, write and communicate effectively, but also develop a love for reading and learning.


Creative: Visual-Spatial (Arts, Drama and Dance) and Musical Development

Children are provided ample opportunities to explore and appreciate art and a variety of music. Children are encouraged to express their creativity and ideas through hands-on activities and art critique. We also teach children basic fundamental skills for music appreciation and interaction.


Emotional: Intrapersonal Development

We seek to teach each child good morals, as well as a conSdence and contentment in themselves.


Social: Interpersonal Development

Children are guided and instructed in the acquisition of desirable social skills in creative ways which include role play and discussion of acceptable social behaviour.