Our Education Approach includes:

Foundational Approach (Foundational/Developmental)

It is during a child’s early years that the foundational developmental blocks are laid for their future growth and formation. To become successful lifelong learners, it is important for a child’s body, mind and spirit to be holistically nurtured in a wholesome educational environment from an early age.

Multi-pathways Approach (Multiple Intelligences)

Each child has a unique ‘cognitive proQle’ that describes the different natural intelligences of that child and impacts the way they learn. In order to help each child learn more naturally, it is important to provide a variety of pathways to learning that recognise the differences in these intelligences.

Nurture Approach (Learning Process)

Children learn best in positive, natural environments of support, love and encouragement. This enables them to feel safe and secure to explore, discover, learn and socialise with each other with the support and guidance of nurturing teachers.

Integrated Approach (Curriculum System)

Siriaunda School (St. Andrew’s Anglican School) uses a diverse approach to education that integrates the best teaching practices from a range of educational programmes including:

  • Multiple Intelligences Approach (Howard Gardner,US)
  • Play-based Learning
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Nature-based Learning
  • Integrating Nature